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Johnson Wright, Lisa, Alex J. Zautra, and Scott Going (2008), "Adaptation to Early Knee Osteoarthritis: The Role of Risk, Resilience, and Disease Severity on Pain and Physical Functioning", Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 36, 70-80.



  • Self-efficacy for physical function, pain management, and controlling other arthritic symptoms.


  • How certain are you that you can get out of an armless chair quickly, without using your hands for support?
  • How certain are you that can make a large reduction in your arthritis pain by using methods other than taking extra medication?
  • How certain are you that you can control your fatigue?


  • Lorig, K., R. Chastain, and E. Ung. (1989), "Development and evaluation of a scale to measure perceived self efficacy in people with arthritis", Arthritis and Rheumatism, 32, 37-44. [Endnote]