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Davis, Fred D. (1989), "Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, and User Acceptance of Information Technology", MIS Quarterly, 13, 318-340.



  • The degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would enhance his or her job performance.


  • My job would be difficult to perform without electronic mail.
  • Using electronic mail gives me greater control over my work.
  • Using electronic mail improves my job performance.
  • The electronic mail system addresses my job-related needs.
  • Using electronic mail saves me time.
  • Electronic mail enables me to accomplish tasks more quickly.
  • Electronic mail supports critical aspects of my job.
  • Using electronic mail allows me to accomplish more work than would otherwise be possible.
  • Using electronic mail reduces the time I spend on unproductive activities.
  • Using electronic mail enhances my effectiveness on the job.
  • Using electronic mail improves the quality of the work I do.
  • Using electronic mail increases my productivity.
  • Using electronic mail makes it easier to do my job.
  • Overall, I find the electronic mail system useful in my job.


  • Davis, F.D. (1986), "A Technology Acceptance Model for Empirically Testing New End-User Information Systems: Theory and Results". [Endnote]