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Nunes, Joseph C., and C. Whan Park (2003), "Incommensurate Resources: Not Just More of the Same", Journal of Marketing Research, 40, 26-38.



  • Imagine that you set of to buy a desk lamp and wool blanket at what you believe to be the least expensive store in your area. When you arrive, you find that the prices are consistent with what you expected to pay. You are about to purchase the lamp for ($125) [$25] and the blanket for ($25) [$125] when the salesman informs you that the exact same blanket that you wish to buy is on sale for $ 10 less or ($ 15) [$ 115] at another branch of the store that has the exact same blanket and lamp in stock. The other store is a 15-minute drive away. Would you make the trip to the other store?