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Murray, Sandra L., John G. Holmes, and Maya Aloni (2009), "Commitment Insurance: Compensating for the Autonomy Costs of Interdependence in Close Relationships", Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 97, 256-278.



  • Asked participants to rate how much control they possessed over events in their relationships.


  • By working together my partner an I can prevent undesirable events from occurring in our relationship.
  • My partner and I sometimes feel helpless when we are confronted by a serious problem that we are not sure how to solve.
  • Through our joint efforts, my partner and I can create the ideal relationship we both desire.


  • Murray, S.L., and J.G. Holmes (1997), "A leap of faith? Positive illusions in romantic relationships", Personality and social Psychology Bulletin, 23, 586-604. [Endnote]