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Lim, Kai H., and Izak Benbasat (2000), "The Effect of Multimedia on Perceived Equivocality and Perceived Usefulness of Information Systems", MIS Quarterly, 24, 449-471.



  • The degree to which people believe using a particular system would enhance their job performance.


  • Using the second system enabled me to accomplish my evaluation task more quickly.
  • Using the second system improved the quality of the evaluation I performed.
  • Using the second system made the evaluation task easier to do.
  • Using the second system enhanced my effectiveness in completing the evaluation task.
  • Using the second system increased my productivity in performing the evaluation task.
  • Using the second system allowed me to accomplish or view more information related to understanding the two departments than would otherwise have been possible.
  • The second system enhanced the quality of my evaluation judgment.
  • The second system supported all the various types of activities required to complete the evaluation task.
  • Overall, I found the second system useful in performing the evaluation task.