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Chin, Wynne W., Barbara L. Marcolin, and Peter R. Newsted (2003), "A Partial Least Squares Latent Variable Modeling Approach for Measuring Interaction Effects: Results from a Monte Carlo Simulation Study and an Electronic-Mail Emotion/Adoption Study", Information Systems Research, 14, 189-217.



  • The degree to which a system is perceived to enhance one's performance.


  • Using Electronic Mail in my job enables (would enable) me to accomplish tasks more quickly.
  • Using Electronic Mail improves (would improve) my job performance.
  • Using Electronic Mail in my job increases (would increase) my productivity.
  • Using Electronic Mail enhances (would enhance) my effectiveness on the job.
  • Using Electronic Mail makes it (would make it)easier to do my job.
  • I find (would find) Electronic Mail useful in my job.