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Qiu, Lingyun, and Izak Bensabat (2009), "Evaluating Anthropomorphic Product Recommendation Agents: A Social Relationship Perspective to Designing Information Systems", Journal of management Information Systems, 25, 145-181.



  • Participant's trusting beliefs toward the product recommendation agent (PRA).


  • The agent was competent in recommending digital cameras.
  • Overall, the agent was capable of providing suitable digital camera recommendations.
  • In general, the agent was very knowledgeable about digital cameras.
  • I believe that the agent's dealings with me were in my best interest.
  • The agent's dealings with me felt like that it would do its best to help me.
  • The agent's dealings with me felt like that it was interested in my well-being, not someone else's.
  • I believe the agent's recommendations to me were truthful.
  • I would characterize the agent's dealings with me as honest.
  • The agent appeared to be unbiased.
  • The agent performed its role of recommending digital cameras very effectively.