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Tasa, Kevin (2007), "The Development of Collective Efficacy in Teams: A Multilevel and Longitudinal Perspective", Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 17-27.



  • the degree of confidence each team member has in his or her capabilities to put forth the effort required to perform successfully.


  • Set time deadlines for achieving tasks.
  • Take steps to ensure everyone participates in group.
  • Take the group’s ideas and develop specific plans of action.
  • Make correct judgments about connections in complex situations.
  • Participate in developing strategies to achieve team goals.
  • Remind other team members of the team’s goal.
  • Draw team members into discussions that are relevant to achieving the goal.
  • Ignore or discourage off-topic conversations.
  • Steer team members towards on-topic conversations.
  • Address conflict immediately by raising it for discussion with other team members.
  • Try to calm down team members that are in conflict.
  • Assume leadership.