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Taylor, Shirley, and Peter A. Todd (1995), "Understanding Information Technology Usage: A Test of Competing Models", Information Systems Research, 6, 144-176.



  • The degree to which an innovation provides benefits which supersede those of its precursor and may incorporate factors such as economic benefits, image enhancement, convenience and satisfaction.


  • The CRC will be of no benefit to me.
  • A service that is of no benefit to me is: bad - good.
  • Using the CRC will improve my grades.
  • A service that will improve my grades is: bad - good.
  • The advantages of the CRC will outweigh the disadvantages.
  • A service with more advantages than disadvantages is: bad - good.
  • Overall, using the CRC will be advantageous.
  • A service that is advantageous is: bad - good.