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Panday, Saadhna, S. Priscilla Reddy, and Robert A.C. Ruiter (2005), "Determinants of smoking cessation among adolescents in South Africa", Health Education Research, 20, 586-599.



  • How sure students felt that they could refrain from smoking in stressful, routine or social situations.


  • When you feel bored.
  • When you struggle to concentrate.
  • When you crave a cigarette.
  • When you feel depressed.
  • When you feel irritable.
  • When you feel miserable.
  • When you feel nervous.
  • When you feel restless.
  • When you feel upset.
  • When you feel worried.
  • When you are doing homework.
  • When you are hungry.
  • When you are on your way to the shop.
  • When you are watching television.
  • When you are on your way home from school.
  • When with others who smoke.
  • When with friends who smoke.
  • When friends offer you a cigarette.
  • When you are offered a cigarette.