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Pavlou, Paul A., Huigang Liang, and Yajiong Xue (2007), "Understand and mitigating uncertainty in online exchange relationships: A principal-agent perspective", MIS Quarterly, 31, 105-136.



  • The degree to which the outcome of a transaction cannot be accurately predicted by the buyer due to seller and product related factors.


  • I feel that filling my prescription online/purchasing books from BiggerBooks involves a high degree of uncertainty.
  • I feel that the uncertainty associated with online prescription filling/purchasing books from BiggerBooks is high.
  • I am exposed to many transaction uncertainties if I fill my prescription online/purchase books from BiggerBooks.
  • There is a high degree of product uncertainty (i.e. the product you receive may or may not be exactly what you want) when purchasing prescription drugs online/purchasing books from BiggerBooks.