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Champion, Victoria, Celette Sugg Skinner, and Usha Menon (2005), "Development of a Self-Efficacy Scale for Mammography", Research in Nursing and health, 28, 329-336.



  • Perceived confidence in personal ability to obtain a mammogram.


  • You can arrange transportation to get a mammogram.
  • You can arrange other things in your life to have a mammogram.
  • You can talk to people at the mammogram center about your concerns.
  • You can get a mammogram even if you are worried.
  • You can get a mammogram even if you don't know what to expect.
  • You can find a way to pay for a mammogram.
  • You can make an appointment for a mammogram.
  • You know for sure you can get a mammogram if you really want to.
  • You know how to go about getting a mammogram.
  • You can find a place to have a mammogram.


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